Body & Soul vegan bakery at Union Square’s Greenmarket (Review)






NYC’s Union Square Greenmarket is just one of the many perks of living in the city.  This is one of my favorite trips on the weekend.  You can easily spend the afternoon browsing farm stands, sampling produce and chatting up with friendly farmers and entrepreneurs.  Last week I made my way to Union Square and discovered a a new bakery I hadn’t seen during past trips called Body & Soul.  Body & Soul is a vegan bakery which meant I had to sample the goods. (Note: While I am not a strict full-time vegan, I eat a vegan and gluten free a majority of the time).

I settled on sampling 3 different vegan muffins (photos of each):

  • Spelt Apple Streusel (gluten free) Muffin – tasty but as with many gf baked goods can be dry so be warned
  • Sweet Potato Muffin – my favorite, very moist, nice flavor and not overly sweet
  • Fruit Sweetened Carrot-Orange Muffin – this muffin could have used more flavor, an extra spice perhaps like cinnamon would do the trick

Cost: around $9 total (bring cash since they don’t accept any other form of payment) 

Display: the woman in charge was friendly and able to answer any questions, plus all ingredients are listed in clear view so its there are no surprises (a very nice touch)

Bottom Line: WORTH IT!  I really liked the large variety Body & Soul had of vegan baked goods.  In fact, several items were sold out (they sell more than muffins) before I had arrived.  I was satisfied with all of my muffins overall and will absolutely be stopping by again.  Cost was reasonable and I hope this shop is able to expand in the city.  For now – look around for Body & Soul in Union Square and give it a try whether you are vegan or not!  Healthier baked goods made with real high-quality ingredients is something everyone should be supporting.

To learn more about the Union Square Greenmarket and when you can find Body & Soul selling their baked goods visit:



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